Supporting companies to conduct LCA

LCAF will support LCA activities of companies/organizations
  • ①(Consulting the first LCA) LCAF will support to start the LCA activity.
  • ②(Consultation about conducting LCA) LCAF will supervise to carry out the LCA
  • ③(Review of the LCA result) LCAF will conduct the third-party verification for the LCA report.
  • ④(Critical review) LCAF will manage the critical review processes for the LCA results
  • ⑤(To conduct LCA) LCAF will conduct the LCA of your products
Education and Facilitation of LCA

LCAF will support to organize the LCA training courses, and to send the experts for the lectures of LCA

  • ① LCA training course

    (Beginning LCA) LCA thinking, Basic LCA knowledge etc.
    (Practical LCA) How to conduct LCA, Application of LCA, etc.
  • ② Publication of the beginning LCA textbook (Start 2021)
    This book will sell to the public.