The Aim of LCAF

It has almost passed for 30 years since 1993, the launch of ISO/TC207(Environmental Management). The International Standards of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) are published by ISO/TC207 together with Environmental Management System (ISO14001) of PDCA cycle in ISO/TC207.

The LCA started as the method to evaluate the environmental impacts of the product. But, for 30 years passed, it has been applied for Type III label, Carbon footprint of product (CFP), SCOPE3、Environmental footprint, Sustainable consumption and production and Avoided GHG emissions,etc. The application of LCA has been expanding from the product to the organization and from the calculation of GHG emissions to the assessment of all environmental aspects/ impacts. Recently LCA and Life Cycle thinking have been more important to understand  contribution to SDGs and as the declaration method/tool for ESG and TCFD.

LCAF would like to promote and facilitate LCA in the society, and on that way LCAF will act as go-between the generation who have experiences for LCA and the rising or the younger generation who will create the future society.